Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tales Reviewed at Daily Cross Hatch

My new collection, Tales of Unusual Circumstance, was recently reviewed by The Daily Cross Hatch! Don't expect to see a ton of reviews come in for Tales, because I don't plan on giving it a huge PR push, but a friend of Brian's recommended that I send in a copy, so there you have it! Perhaps another couple reviews will pop up after a few conventions , but mostly I just like having a nice big book collecting my minis and other random short story work that's floating around there in the world.

Speaking of the Tales book, please notice that I've added a new link on the left sidebar of my site linking directly to my news post regarding how to order books from me directly. It sold better than expected at FLUKE, so I've just ordered a second shipment of books, and plan on keeping them in stock, especially during the convention season. For the moment, at least, Tales is not available through any distributors like Diamond or Last Gasp, so if you aren't going to see me at MoCCA or SPX, mail order's the only way to get ahold of the book!


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