Thursday, July 17, 2008

Flight Volume 5

Flight Volume 5 is coming! It will be at the San Diego Comic-Con, and in stores soon. Newsarama has an interview with Kazu regarding the new volume, and it gives a good impression of what the book is like. There are also several previews on Newsarama, but not one for mine yet. Maybe there will be? I'm not sure. So, keep an eye out for the next couple of weeks, if you'd like, but I can't promise anything.

My story is titled "Timecat," and is a true life story about my cat's delusions of time travel. Interesting note: As Kazu mentions in his interview, this volume of Flight features its longest stories yet, with several over 30 pages long (some over 40, even)! However, "Timecat" is my shortest story to appear in Flight, at only 8 pages. Still, it is maybe my favorite contribution, as it marks my return to direct and fun gag humor. This one could have fit right in with the Tales of Unusual Circumstance material!


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