Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jump into the Future!

Well, the reviews for Flight 5 are coming in, and it looks like people like Timecat!

J. Caleb Mozzocco had this to say:
Joe Weiser (The Ride Home) tells the story of Timecat, a cat with the power to travel forward in time simply by thinking hard enough. He’s hungry and wants fed, but his master won’t give him any food for a few hours. Lucky for him, by thinking really hard for a few minutes, and then checking the clock, he realizes he has moved forward in time—but only a few minutes.

It’s a really great gag, and Weiser plays it to the hilt.
And over at Newsarama, Michael May writes:
Remember how I said I was a cat person? Joey Weiser’s “Timecat” is for me. Leading with a splash page of a cat leaping through time, Weiser convincingly explains how cats really can travel into the future when they’re hungry enough. Your fondness for this may be directly proportional to your love for cats, but I was completely charmed.
Reviews aside, Timecat has given me the most positive reader feedback of all my Flight stories. Now, I wasn't intending on making a comic for "cat people," but sometimes it just works out that way. I guess when you spend most of your at-home hours with your cat, and decide to draw a comic about how much she likes to be fed...

Anyway, I appreciate all the kind words. Thanks a lot everyone!


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